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New Member

VLAN on WAP (how do i make it use my existing ASA for DHCP requests?)

Hey guys,

I have a ASA 5520 and a subinterface created for my VLAN 54. However i set up the WAP, but it only seems to work if i actually hardset an IP address on the PC. How do i make it look at the firewall as the DHCP server. If i plug into an access port, it will automatically look at the firewall for DHCP, but not on wireless...

Can you help?

I want it to use the same ip addresses as the LAN is using.


Re: VLAN on WAP (how do i make it use my existing ASA for DHCP r

There should be no difference between connecting via an AP and access port.  Double-check your ip helper-address, but if access ports work then that should be fine.

Can you post your AP config?  We should make sure there's nothing misconfigured on that.  Please also post your switchport config.

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