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VLANs on an AP350

I'm having some trouble here, maybe it's lack of understanding or maybe I'm just a tool and am doing something dumb.

Am I wrong in assuming that if I setup VLANs on an AP350 and map a simple WEP secured SSID to each VLAN, each of those SSIDs will become visible in my wireless network listings?

What I'm trying to do is use VLANs in a lab environment to quickly switch between networks. I'd rather this than have to manually login to the switch and change the access vlan my port is connected to.

In any event, I've read a few detailed docs:

I have the VLANs all setup, have an SSID and a WEP key mapped to each VLAN and trunking is enabled on the AP. 2 problems; 1) as soon as I enable trunking on the switch port the AP is connected to, I lose access to the AP and 2) I can't see the new SSIDs (VLANs) in my wireless network list.

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Re: VLANs on an AP350

Well, I sorted out problem 1). I re-read and realized I didn't have switch trunk native vlan xx but switch access vlan xx. That was the problem there. Still looking for clarification on if the SSIDs can be made visible or not.

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