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WAP Recommendations

I work at a bank where we are considering wireless. We have 3 requirements and I am wondering what would be the best CISCO solution.

1) WPA2 w/TPIK or AES

2) RADIUS Authentication

3) IDS/IPS capabilities (we will need to provide IDS reports for Sarbanes Oxley.

Any recommendations?


Re: WAP Recommendations

If the network is really large you could consider deploying Cisco Unified Networking Solution which contains Light Weight Access Points Centrally manged by Controllers and Wireless Control System


Re: WAP Recommendations

The differentiators between the WAP models are not software, they're hardware. All of them have the same security capabilities.

The main AP models you're looking at currently are 1130s and 1240s. 1130s have integrated omnidirectional antennas and plastic cases. 1240s take RP-TNC antennas and have metal (i.e. more rugged) cases. So the choice is mostly going to come down to whether or not you think you might need directional antennas or not.

For IDS, I think you're going to have to run some kind of wireless management console- either a WLSE or a WCS (IOS vs LWAPP deployments) or some third party tool. AirMagnet's management system may have IDS, haven't checked.

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