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WAP121 Implementation and DHCP issues


I have just purchased my first Cisco WAP (WAP121) and would love for it to work.  It is connected to a PoE port on a Cisco ASA 5505.  The firewall is configured correctly and I know it works because I have statically configured a computer and connected it to that PoE port.  That specific PoE port (0/6) is in the DMZ...Internet only, no internal resources.  When I hardwire the computer, I have Internet connectivity.

However, when I connect the WAP121, and leave laptops to get addresses automatically, none of them grab an IP address from the AP.  I have been over and over the settings nad we have determined there might be an issue with the DHCP server within the AP.  Does this sound right?  If so, any ideas on how to fix this?  I pretty much need a guest network operating here.

Any ideas?

Thank you,


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WAP121 Implementation and DHCP issues

This WAP121 seems bloody useless - i guess the predecessor Linksys AP was much better. I wonder why the DHCP was removed/hidden, Is it a way to market the the Small Business RV Series Router

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Re: WAP121 Implementation and DHCP issues


Sorry to tag on to this post.  I too have a ASA 5505 for my home and I'm looking to add a new AP as my current one hardly gets round the house.

Does the WAP get enough power from the PoE port on the ASA?  I don't want to use external power when the ASA can do it (I hope).

How's it working?  I'd probably get the ASA to do the DHCP, I use 5510s and 5520s at work and they do DHCP well.


WAP121 Implementation and DHCP issues

Hi Andy,

Ports 6&7 provide 15 Watt output as per this documentation link.

Next step would be to decide of what AP you need then check it's power consumption. Probably you will not be limited by the ASA port power output.

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WAP121 Implementation and DHCP issues

Thanks, so each poe port is 15W, I think the WAP is 6W peak

So difficult to know if the port can power the WAP 121 and what range it might give.

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