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WCS alarm dashboard not updating security issues


Not sure if the topic title made much sense but basically what is happening is this:

I just finished getting installed on a fresh server with no backup restorations. My 4404 WLC's (x2) are on version

I have been receiving an influx of WPA MIC errors on both controllers, that were previously showing up on the alarm dashboard of WCS (on an older version), but ever since the upgrade, they are not appearing on the dashboard at all.

I have just added the controllers, some alarms are updating (rogue APs for one), and I have also tried refreshing the config through WCS.

I can't seem to find anything on the 4.1 WCS config guide, so if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.

As a note: The controllers have both reported these WPA MIC errors since I added the controllers to WCS, but no info was updated on the alarm dashboard.




Re: WCS alarm dashboard not updating security issues

The rings around the chokepoint icon indicate the coverage area. When a CCX tag and its asset passes within the coverage area, location details are broadcast, and the tag is automatically mapped on the chokepoint coverage circle.

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Re: WCS alarm dashboard not updating security issues


We don't have any chokepoints nor do we have a location server.

Is that the reason why the security alarms aren't being flagged? If so then cisco should have documented that in the release notes.. on the previous version we weren't having this issue under the same conditions (security alarm was flagging).

Just in case it's not clear where this is happening - I'm concerned about the panel on the bottom-left of the screen (java applet). Also when I go to monitor->security, there are no alarms (no previous/cleared either) when there should be.

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Re: WCS alarm dashboard not updating security issues

I have figured out the cause of the problem - snmpd and snmp-trap processes weren't running on startup on the WCS server. Once I got those up and running it started working fine.

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