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WCS 5.1 upgraded to v6.0.170.0


I am in the process of upgrading the software WCS 5.1 to v6.0.170.0...The OS platform is RHEL 5.1

Can you anyone guide me how to go about the software upgradation?....What are the prerequisitives?...What permissions are required?....

In case some error comes back, what would be the back up plan ?

Please help




Re: WCS 5.1 upgraded to v6.0.170.0

For Linux, you need to have root privileges to install the application as SUDO will not work.

Here is the release notes for

Using the Installer to Upgrade WCS for Linux

Follow these steps to upgrade WCS (on a Linux platform) using the automated upgrade:

Step 1 Using the command line, perform one of the following:

a. If you are installing from a CD, switch to the /media/cdrom directory.

b. If you are installing from, switch to the directory in which the install file was downloaded. For example, if the install file was placed in /root/Desktop, enter cd /root/Desktop.

Step 2 Enter ./WCS-STANDARD-K9-6.0.X.Y.bin (for CD users) or ./WCS-STANDARD-LB-K9-6-0-X-Y.bin (for users) to start the install script.

Step 3 The Install Anywhere message appears and prepares the system for installation. After a few seconds, the Introduction appears, followed by the license agreement statement. You must accept the license agreement to continue.

Step 4 At this point, the install wizard detects whether a previous version of WCS is installed and specifies whether the current version is eligible for an automated upgrade. You receive a notification whether or not your most recent WCS version is eligible for the automated upgrade.

Step 5 If you cannot continue to the automated upgrade because your current WCS version is not eligible, choose Install and continue to the manual upgrade (refer to the WCS Configuration Guide for manual upgrade instructions). You can also choose to do a manual upgrade rather than the recommended automated upgrade by choosing Install and continuing to the manual upgrade, but this is not recommended. If your current WCS version is eligible for the recommended automated upgrade, choose Upgrade and continue to Step 6.

Step 6 Several of the values from the previous installation are retained and carried over as part of the upgrade. These include the following:

•the ports

•the root password

•the root FTP password

•the TFTP server file location

•the FTP server file location

•the multi-homed server interfaces

Step 7 Choose a folder in which to install the Cisco WCS. It must be a different location than the previous installation. Click Next to continue.

Step 8 Choose a folder location to store the shortcuts. It must be a different location than the previous installation.

Step 9 Continue to follow the prompts that appear. You are notified when the system checks for required space, uninstalls previous versions, backs up files, restores, and so on. A prompt appears asking if you are ready to start WCS as a service. Click Yes.

Note The upgrade log is located in the standard log directory (\webnms\logs) if the automated upgrade completes. For an incomplete automated upgrade, the upgrade log is located in the user home directory.


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