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New Member

WCS and location server Clients number doesn't match

We have WCS with Location server installed. But the client number show in floor area heatmap or from search by Location server is

alway less than the number from search by WLC.

Below is from Cisco documentation:

" Devices must be detected at signals greater than -75 dBm for the controllers to forward information to the location appliance. As such, no fewer than three access points should be able to detect any device at signals below -75 dBm."

Does that mean if the client not detected

by at least 3 APs, the Location server won't show this client?

Can anyone confirm?



Re: WCS and location server Clients number doesn't match

We observed simiar discrepancies at a customer site that has no location server, but has heatmaps indicating incorrect numbers of clients that differ from the correct client counts in other WCS screens.

To recreate this behavior, pull up a WCS heatmap and select the display mode from the dropdown that indicates how many clients are attached to an access point.

Turn on a new client in the area of the heatmap. It may take some time (minutes) before the client count adjusts. This will be true even if you use the BACK button on the browser and pull up the same heatmap again or do a REFRESH from your browser.

The number of clients shown on each AP does not always match the TRUE number of clients on the AP. If you you click on the "xx Client" hyperlink displayed next to the AP icon, you can pull up a client detail page that lists each AP separately typically shows the correct number of clients.

After raising this issue with TAC, this is supposedly "normal" behavior since the AP count on the heatmap is based upon a periodic refresh of the controller that is is every so many minutes and whose refresh rate is not adjustable.

However, when (from the heatmap) you select the dropdown command to refresh from the controller (from the dropdown in the upper right hand area of the screen) you will find that this does not accurately refresh the client count on the heatmap as it is supposed to. This is a bug that Cisco is currently looking into.

I know that this does not directly address your question, but it may also have a bearing on what you are observing.

- John

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