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WCS sync to Controller

I have a WCS v 4.0.96 which controls 3 WLC boxes. Suffice it to say there have been too many hands in the WLC making changes. How do I go about synchronizing my WCS to the controllers to make sure they all are in agreement with each other?

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Re: WCS sync to Controller

Not sure for your version; but, in version you do the following:

- configure

- controllers

- in the drop down box on the right select 'save config to flash' to make sure everything is saved first

- put a check in the boxes to the left of each controller to apply

- then click the 'go' button on the right

--- when that completes

- select the option to 'refresh config from controller' in the drop down box

- select the contollers to update from

- click 'go' button

respond as needed to additional messages

I hope this helps.

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Re: WCS sync to Controller

Great, will try it. One more question though, If changes were made using WCS, and different changes were made on a WLC, during the 'Refresh Config from Controller', which changes will take precedence? Will I overwrite any changes I made with WCS?

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