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WEP - Encryps traffic?

Studing for my CCNA wireless. I read that "WEP Key is used to encrypt the clallenge text and it is not used to hide, protect, or encrypt any user data after the client is associated with the AP". Later I read that "after it is associated, the client is issued an association identifier and can begin sending data. From this point on, WEP is used to encrypt traffic". My question is.... is WEP used to encrypt traffic (user data) or not? Or is traffic different from user data? I need help to clarify this point. Thanks.


Re: WEP - Encryps traffic?

WEP encrypts all the traffic after the client associates to the AP.  Basically you have the auth frames and assoc request/response.  After this all packets are encrypted.

Re: WEP - Encryps traffic?

Yes, it will encrypt the data payload. It will not encrypt the LAYER2 802.11 frames. I might suggest getting a sniffer and sniff a network that is open and then sniff one that is WEP. You will see for yourself and get a good feel...

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