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WEP on 1200

Hi, i had a thread on the same topic before.....somehow the problem went away, i was able to enable 128 bit ( and USE IT ) on both ViewSonic AirPanel 150 and 1200. But something happened and i cannot use wep anymore.

Works fine when i set all keys to "none" on the VLAN setup page and clear the WEB on the AirPanel.......When i enter the 128 bit key on both devices, the communication can't be estableshed and 1200's log shoots alerts every other minute:

Station [ip address] [MAC] Failed Association, status "Can Not Support All Requested Capabilities"

May be i'm missing something. What "Capabilities" ?? So confusing!

Please help....Although i have MAC filter enabled i don't want to have unencrypted traffic....

Thank you much.

Cisco Employee

Re: WEP on 1200

Hi I was looking through the View Sonic website for you and could not find what wireless adapater they are using and no where on their website did it show that this product is WiFi certified.

If the rpoduct is not WiFi certified then there is no guarentee that it will work with other vendors such as Cisco.

I would contact ViewSonic and ask if it is WiFi certified.

You can call a device 802.11b compliant but you dont have to be certified. If you are NOT certified then there is no gaurentee of inter vendor compabilty.

There is a good chance that they OEM another WLAN card so if you can findout what card they use then you can check the certification on

If they are certified then it would be a good time to get a wireless sniffer out

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