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What AP's dont have a MIC?

I have a customer with existing AP's that are Remote, they have a WLC 4400 they purchased and want to migrate their existing AP's, 1130, 1140 from what I can find, to LWAPP. I know most newer AP's can just be upgraded by uploading through their web interface, but I ran into an issue a few years back where I did this and the AP wouldn't join due to it lacking a MIC, and had to revert then use the upgrade tool.  I just don't remember the model number of that AP.


I need to determine if the ones they have can be done via remote access, or if I have to schedule a site visit to do these.


So which model AP's must be done via the Upgrade tool? (which I believe only works on XP, Correct?)

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With older generation access

With older generation access points there is a way to get the SSC and add that to the WLC so that the AP can join. Here are a few doc that can help you:

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LWAPP secures the control

LWAPP secures the control communication between the access point and controller by means of a secure key distribution, requiring already provisioned X.509 certificates on both the access point and controller. Factory installed certificates are referenced by the term MIC, which is an acronym for Manufacturing Installed Certificate. Cisco Aironet access points shipped before July 18, 2005, do not have MIC, so these access points create a self-signed certificate when upgraded to operate in lightweight mode. Controllers are programmed to accept self-signed certificates for authentication of specific access points.


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AP's manufactured before July

AP's manufactured before July/2005 won't have a MIC.  *most* 1130 and 1240 should have a MIC.

Anything prior to that will generate an SSC when you convert them to LWAPP/CAPWAP if you use the migration tool.




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