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What is the Maximum thoughput attained by WLAN Client ?



I have 100Mbps Internet Bandwidth connection. when I Perform speed

In wired-- >100 Mbps

In wireless client--> 20 mbps

Access points used is Autonomous N-series access point. whcih has to support upto 300 Mbps.

I have done iperf testing also.There also I'm getting only 20 Mbps.


WLAN client card is airmagnet WLAN adapter (NType with 2*2 Spaital streams).


My question is why my connection in wireless in only restricted to 20 Mbps.


Can any one Help?






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There are many variables that

There are many variables that affect this... for 300mbps, you need to have at least 40mhz channel on the 5ghz, the 2.4ghz will give you max of 144mbps.  Now since wireless is half duplex, that means you might be able to achive half.... 150mbps on the 5ghz and 72mbps on the 2.4ghz.

That being said, the numbe of spatial streams also makes a difference and also the amount of channel utilization you have.  The AP is a hub, so everyone shares that air and that is why you might not see what you really want to see.  The best way is to test with other devices and or wireless cards as each can give you different readings.

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40MHz is enabled on the cisco

40MHz is enabled on the cisco 1600 access point. But we are unable to get that throughtput atleast 50 mbps in 5 Ghz.

Only one client is connected to Access point.

we are facing the same issue with controller based AP. we are testing in idle conditions, where there is no interference.

Please recommendation, What Client card should I use to attain good throughput.

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Only one client is connected

Only one client is connected to Access point.

How many other AP's are on that same channel... this is your channel utilization.

1600's have had it's issues with slowness... disable WMM and try.  This will disable 802.11N, but if this helps, then open a TAC case and see if they have a workaround or bug ID.

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