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Which equipment will work?


I have a simple issue. I have one building about 50 feet away from a building that has wired access. I'd like to beam wireless access from the wired building to the other building that is ~50 feet away. What two pieces of CISCO Areonet equipment will work for this? There is only one computer that needs access to our network in the building that has nothing right now.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Which equipment will work?

For only 50 ft away you should be able to connect 1 PC with an adapter talking to a good AP - perhaps a 1240 with the 5.2 dbi omni antenna. I am in a metal building and with one of those in my window on the 2nd floor I can connect from our parking lot a couple of hundred feet away. Of course a pair of 1300 bridges would work well but are kind of overkill for one PC at 50 ft. If you are connecting a switch with other PC's that is different. The best thing to do is bring in a cheap AP to see if the building contruction blocks too much of the signal before you decide what to order. (site survey)

R Duke

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