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WiFi Controller 2504 Failover configuration

Hi Mates,

one of our customer has an AIR-CT2504-15-K9 which is used to manage 15 Access Points in his Head Office.

They are now procuring another controller (AIR-CT2504-25-K9) to manage around 24 AP's in their warehouse.

There is a leased line as well as site to site wireless connectivity between both these sites.

The wireless network in the warehouse is very critical. They would like to have a controller failover of their warehouse APC to the one in the HQ. can you please suggest if this can be done. if so what would they need to procure like additional licenses.

Thanks in Advance



Re: WiFi Controller 2504 Failover configuration

You would need to add enough licenses to the HQ controller to support at least the 24 APs. Ideally you would have enough licenses to have both the HQ 15 and the Warehouse 24 running at the same time.

After that is in place, you just have to configure each AP with the desired Primary and Secondary controller.

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WiFi Controller 2504 Failover configuration

Hi Mitdhun,

The 2504 requires license for access points. The 2504 doesn't support HA(It can support with 7.5 version)  which is what you are describing.

If you older image(less then v7.5)


Your better off just having ap license on both the 2504 and configure as primary and secondary WLCs.

If you have v7.5 then: read this and configure accordingly.

Hope it helps.


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