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Wifi deployement in industrial campus


We plane to deploye Wifi for indoor (in workshops) and outdoor application in an industrial campus and I'd like to have some advising for choosing between 11a and 11g (ie which frequency is the most efficient in industrial environment)

Thanks for advising me.


Re: Wifi deployement in industrial campus


Of the two, 802.11G will pass through materials better than 802.11A. That being said, your talking about what sounds like an area with possibly a high concentration of metal. Please take in account, that metal and wireless transmissions do not play very well with one another. So a site survey will be critical in your application.

I have seen alot of people going with an AP such as the Cisco 1240AG. Using the 2.4ghz(B & G) for client access, while the 5ghz (A) for point-to-point/point-to-multipoint.

If you give more details, i will be more than willing to help you.

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Re: Wifi deployement in industrial campus


Thank you very much for your help.

In fact, the related industrial campus is a truck manufacturing complex composed of big workshops and office buildings.

The workshops are big warehouses with many machine tools and we need to connect many distributed stations. As copper wiring is impossible because of long distances and electromagnetic noise, and fiber cabling very expensive, we are thinking about Wifi and if not possible, we will consider LRE technology.

I hope these informations will help you understand our problem.

Re: Wifi deployement in industrial campus

You're in bit of a pickle.

It sounds like your going to have to run fiber to the AP's location then convert it back to copper since the distance limitation. The challange then, is you will have to likly upgrade your infrastructure to handle all the fiber.

Or how about running two lines of fiber to a switch 'in the raftors' or where ever you can put a lockable enclosure. Then run coper out of that to your APs with PoE?

You will want to take a look at this book. (available via safari).

802.11 Wireless Network Site Surveying and Installation (Networking Technology) as your situation screams for a good site survey. Honestly i would really push for you to do this yourself. Others may disagree with me on here, but i think the possibility for you having issues in the future as your environment changes will be very high. And you knowing your wireless network in and out and how the technology works, will make your life a LOT easier.

Feel free to hit me up if you run into a wall. Or need one to bounce a few ideas off of.

Take a look at the reply i gave another person.

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Re: Wifi deployement in industrial campus

Thanks for your advises.

Which book are you talking about?

Concerning workshops interconnection, of cours this will be done with Fiber Optic segments.

But as many stations are distributed in the workshops with long distances, I'd like to use a central AP with omnidirectional antenna and many APs with unidirectional antennas connecting groups of stations.

I you have any recommendation concerning the type of APs and antennas, you are welcome.

Re: Wifi deployement in industrial campus

802.11 Wireless Network Site Surveying and Installation (Networking Technology) is the name of the book. Its through cisco press.

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