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WIFI Impact on video tapes / roles of film?

I have a client who stores large volumes of video footage archives. They are concerned that there may be impact on their archives from WIFI. We are in the process of performing an onsite survey (for AP placement) and they are now requesting any information related to any potential issues, or something showing WIFI will not impact their film. Has anyone ever had such a request? or can you suggest any documentation related to WIFI impact on any form of medium such as film?

Their intented hardware will be 5508 with 3502e and an off brand antennas.

Thanks in advance...


Cisco Employee

WIFI Impact on video tapes / roles of film?

You should mention which kind of tapes they use to store their videos to have the super precise answer (which I don't have).

Now I don't see how Wifi could influence a video tape recording, I mean it's totally different things ...

And if they worry about Wifi, why not worry about GSM or 3G influence ? They are more powerful and already present anyway most probably.

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