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WiFi in a 44 hectare park


Im doing this for the first time!

What product(s) do you suggest in order to create a WiFi in a 44 hectare park? Let's assume that I can place an anthenna or router anywhere including in the middle of the park.

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Re: WiFi in a 44 hectare park

Firstly, you'll most likely require MESH Wireless Access Points. To control them, I'd recommend the new 5508.

Before you begin deploying, I also would like to recommend that you do a post-installation Wireless LAN Site Survey.

NOTE: Read the 5508 Data Sheet because you need to understand the different tiered licenses this appliance has that you may or may not require.

Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Controllers Data Sheet

Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Controller Licensing and Ordering Guide

Cisco Aironet 1520 Series Lightweight Outdoor Access Points

Cisco Aironet 1500 Series Lightweight Outdoor Mesh Access Points

Hope this helps.

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Re: WiFi in a 44 hectare park

Thank you leolaohoo,

But they seem to be very expensive (especially for the controller). Is there an alternative economical way to do this? Besides, how many of access points do I need for a 44 hectares? The park will have several nodes with fiber optics which goes around the park (I think we can take advantage of it - somehow).

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Re: WiFi in a 44 hectare park

Firstly, WLC comes in different "sizes". The 2006/2106, 4402/4404 and the NM can support a minimum of 12 to 25 to 50 and 100. The WiSM can support up to 300 APs (but you need a Sup720 and a 6500 chassis switch). Say you got a 4402 that supports 25 AP and you made a mistake and should've bought one that supports 100. Guess what, unlike the 5508, you need to buy a 4404 that supports 100 AP. The 5508 can support 12, 25, 50, 100 and 250. AP support is SOFTWARE LICENSE upgradable in tiers.

Aside from this feature, there are many new features the 5508 ONLY will support (it's listed in the Data Sheet).

The 5508 is just an alternative because I don't know how many Mesh AP's you'll need and whether or not you have a 6500 chassis with Sup720. If you believe you need around 20 AP's then get the WLC 4402 that can support either 25 or 50 or the WLC4404 which can support up to 100 APs.

How many Mesh APs do youn need for a 44 ha property? This will depend entirely on your pre-installation Wireless LAN Site Survey. A WLAN Site Survey will assist you in determining WHERE you should deploy your AP and HOW MANY to deploy.

Understand that the AP's do not have fiber optic ports so you'll need either a media converter or a PoE (Plus, if necessary) switch.

Hope this clears up some things. :)

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Re: WiFi in a 44 hectare park

To add to what's been said before:

Aim your survey at the specs of what you are going to do with your wifi network. If you are planning on using wireless ip phones such as 7921, they require a densitiy which must be taken into account. Moreover it isn't recommended to use Mesh aps with more than 1 "hop" for ip phones induce latency will make call quality very poor.

(ie mesh non wired ap backhauling to wired ap onto network is ok, mesh to mesh to mesh to mesh to network not so much)

Data devices won't mind too much but your ear will detect it if the slightest thing goes wrong on a wireless ip phone. So mesh isn't necessarily the way to go, it depends...

As for the outdoor setting, don't forget also that loss will be significant with trees and other stuff and that you need APs which will be able to keep working in various weather conditions.

An exit survey (or pre-pre-install) before you even start to plan a real "active" site-survey is a good idea: you'd also be surprised how much signal can leak from your neighbors....thus making the calibration of you own APs much trickier...Of course if you're in the middle of nowhere you don't have to do that but else...

Oh and before I forget: get good tripods for your site survey right away: they are costly but will save you quite a bit of time.

have fun


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