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I am studying wifi bridge outside by using Aironet 1530E (AIR-CAP1532E-E-K9) with AIR-ANT5114P2M-N antenna. Is it possible if i set the Aironet in the server room and Antenna in the top roof. The distance between them is about 100 meters. We connect them by using RF cable. Please advise me. Thank you so much.




This is not recommended, to

This is not recommended, to use too much lengthy RF cable between Antenna and Accesspoint because of below reasons.

The longer the cable segment is, the higher the signal loss is over the full length of the cable. 

You can find the actual loss per foot in the specifications of the manufacturer for that cable.

The cable should be kept as short as possible because cable length also determines the amount of signal loss.

If you pull the coaxial cable too hard, its loss properties increase. You must treat coax with care.

Curves in coax must not exceed the specified bend radius of the manufacturer.

So it is better you place you accesspoint near to you antenna. 

No, it is not possible and

No, it is not possible and also not recommended to set the Aironet in the server room and Antenna in the top roof if The distance between them is about 100 meters

Please refer the belowCable

Please refer the below

Cable Routes

Make sure the following cable route requirements are met before beginning the installation:

Identify cable routes, building entry points, and any special routing or support requirements (conduits, bracing, cable trays, safety structures, and so on). Make sure the total cable length between the access point and the power injector is no greater than 100 meters.

Identify necessary floor, roof, or wall penetrations and specify the locations.

Document existing grounding system and connection requirements for new equipment.

Refer to these electrical codes for your local regulations:

NFPA 70 (US National Electrical Code)

Canadian Electrical Code, Part1, CSA 22.1

IEC 364, Part 1 through 7 for other countries

Caution To prevent damage to the access point or power injector, connect all coax cables from the power injector to the access point and connect the power jack to the power injector before applying power.

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Thank you for your answers.

Thank you for your answers. So how we can do for my issue?

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