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WiFi recomendation for 3 wharehouse/mfg buildings

We are expanding our WiFi network to our factory floor area. Currently we have a single Linksys access point that covers our office and provides access to the front half of our first 40,000 sq ft warehouse space. I'm looking to upgrade this system to cover the entire 40,000 sq ft.

We also have another adjacent 30,000 building that is currently hard wired but has no WiFi.

We would also like WiFi between these two buildings. Distance is approximately 75 feet.

Then a third building of 12,000 sq ft, 1/2 a block in distance away.

I understand that Cisco makes active roaming equipment that is also powered over Ethernet and offers centralized management.

I have spoken to one consultant and it appeared that for what he wanted to map out everything we could add an extra couple of access points for less than his trying to stretch current technologies.


Re: WiFi recomendation for 3 wharehouse/mfg buildings


I will be honest with you, this type of question is almost impossible for myself or many others to answer. We will be able to give you some general ideas with the above.. But consider that we are sort of 'blind' in this situation.

When I assist people here locally, i have them gather their building maps and mark out where they desire wireless.

Then take a look at what you exactly want to do in each area you mark as having wireless. Your executive board room you will likly want to deliver 54mb, while the warehouse floor you may only need 11mb or even less.

If you have a warehouse environment, you likly have rows of metal racks holding your product. You will want to look towards using directional antennas in that environment, as if you attempt to 'cross' the racks you will likly end up with an unreliable or 'not to snuff' connection.

Depending on where you live, theres different laws concerning this... However i would HIGHLY recommend against any sort of amp on APs to increase the range. No only personal safety comes into question, but also while you may be blasting 2 Watts from your AP with an AMP, your laptop still only has a 100mW card! (depending on make model this is different but you get the point)

Antenna selection, site survey, and your expectations are the highest priorities of the day.

There are many outdoor enclosures for the Cisco APs.

That is true that all of the Cisco APs (to my knowledge) support PoE. Look at your current infrastructure to see if you have support for PoE.

You can obtain centralized management via the wireless lan solution engine. You may also wish to review some of the wireless lan contrllers.

So to do a quick recap.. you and i could both have 12,000 sq ft buildings built by the same contractor, however act very differently in the terms of RF. This is why a site survey is very important. Also we may have different applications which require fewer/more Aps.

In closing, feel free to ask any question you feel like. =) Lot of great people pass through these forums.

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Re: WiFi recomendation for 3 wharehouse/mfg buildings

Hi Robert,

Nice answer! (5 points from Calgary)

Sorry to hear about your beloved Buckeyes :(

Take care!