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Wireless and VLAN's

Still relatively new to the wireless world. I've had a proposal handed to me and not exactly sure how it works. I have a 2940 switch, 2106 controller, 1522 RAP, 1522 MAP. I have VLAN A and VLAN B on the switch. VLAN A goes to the company network and VLAN B is privately addressed and has the 2106/1522's connected. I have two wireless laptops, one configured for VLAN A, one for VLAN B (private address). How/Where is the communication handled for these two laptops when connecting to the 1522 AP's through the "B" VLAN?

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Re: Wireless and VLAN's

Once a client connects to the appropriate SSID, this SSID is mapped to a dynamic interface on the WLC which specifies the VLAN (B) this interface will also need an IP address within VLAN B's subnet.

The WLC will then trunk VLAN B to the switch then from there wherever you need it to go...

Ideally you will use the management interface of the WLC seperately to that of VLAN B in which case you will also need to trunk that VLAN to the switch.

Hope this helps. If you need further detail ask.


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Re: Wireless and VLAN's

Do you mean the WLC needs to have VLANs created for the Access Points and/or the access clients?

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Re: Wireless and VLAN's

You will need to get to grips with the basics of WLC and how each interface/VLANs are used. I suggest reading the below guide:

Config guide, choose your code:

Re: Wireless and VLAN's


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