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Wireless AP-1200 issues


I have just installed the Wireless AP-1200 with 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz Radio Modules. The device works fine but I have purchased for Laptop 5 GHz PCMCIA cards. The notebooks cannot connect to the Acess point but the desktop with 2.4 GHxz PCI Cards can connect from the same room. Is there any way I can increase the power or range of the 5 GHz radio modules.

The other issue is when I enter the WEP Key for encryption the wireless adaters loose the connectivity with the Access point. I would like to have some encryption to protect my network.

Any help on the above issues is appreciated.

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Re: Wireless AP-1200 issues

Due to the increase in frequency from 2 Ghz to 5 Ghz, the range is lowered and aslo more sensitive to interference.

How is signal strengh when you use the 5Ghz PCMCIA card ?

I have not used WEP, but if you have few users use the MAC authentication method. and also do not broadcast the SSID.

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Re: Wireless AP-1200 issues

I get the strength on the Notbook with 5Ghz as low, but they work from a few places and the others there is no signal at all. How do I stop the broadcast of the SSID?

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Re: Wireless AP-1200 issues

Check out this link for the info you need about setting up WEP:

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Re: Wireless AP-1200 issues

As the others have mentioned here the range for 802.11a is approx 1/3rd of the range for 802.11b It is also far more critical in the placement of the AP as you increase in frequency then the multipath effect is higher Try placing the AP in a few other locations and use the site survey tools to find the best location for both the 802.11a and b

As for your WEP key issue this is a classic key mismatch symptom

Make sure that the key is set both on the AP and the Client is the same, use the same entry method ie HEX or ASCII and is in the same key slot (1-4) For 128 bit wep you should use 26 HEX characters

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