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Wireless AP in FLex connect mode going offline

We are trying to setup a WLC 2504 and 2702 Access Points. Right now I just have the one AP setup. They way it was explained to me we could set these up so if the controller goes offline the AP's still work. However I have it in flax connect mode and if I disconnect the Controller from the network the PA works for a few min then stops broadcasting. The light on it starts flickering etc. if I plug the controller in it comes back online.



Another strange thing, now as I typed this post the Signal started broadcasting again.

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So it was up for a few min

So it was up for a few min and now down and blinking again

It takes a bit for the

It takes a bit for the heartbeat to timeout, which was when the AP went down.

Once the AP loses heartbeat, it reboots. If it can't find the WLC, it continues to work.

When a FlexConnect access point enters into a standalone mode, the following occurs:

•The access point checks whether it is able to reach the default gateway via ARP. If so, it will continue to try and reach the controller.

If the access point fails to establish the ARP, the following occurs:

•The access point attempts to discover for five times and if it still cannot find the controller, it tries to renew the DHCP on the ethernet interface to get a new DHCP IP.

•The access point will retry for five times, and if that fails, the access point will renew the IP address of the interface again, this will happen for three attempts.

•If the three attempts fail, the access point will fall back to the static IP and will reboot (only if the access point is configured with a static IP).

•Reboot is done to remove the possibility of any unknown error the access point configuration.

Once the access point reestablishes a connection with the controller, it disassociates all clients, applies new configuration information from the controller, and reallows client connectivity.



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