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Wireless Ap's and reaching a remote area of the building

Wondering if anyone has a solution they might know of for this, any and all help is appreciated and thanked in advance. To explain the situation a little:

I have a Cisco DOCSIS modem connected to 2-2602I wireless AP's. Both have been installed in 2 locations of the building. Problem is that I need 3 AP's to function inside this building, and do not have the option of adding another modem in another location, nor am i able to run wire to the 3rd one. Essentially I need a remote/autonomous AP (plug in a PoE unit, run wire up the wall to the 3rd ap) and have it connect to the network. There is a clear line of sight and acceptable range for a potential 3rd mount in the configuration described. I also have access to 3602 AP's if needed, and the main chassis resides with the service provider (who will work with me to provide necessary configurations if needed).

Can anyone clear this up as to whether or not I can possibly do what I have described with the kit i have on hand?

Thank you.

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