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Wireless Bridge - lost connection intermittently

The problem with this wireless bridge link is that connection between the two units intermittently lost when any of the end-stations at the remote or local-end start sending data over the link.

Both Yagi antennas are installed in an open area (line-of-sight), mounted on an 18ft pole/tower. The distance between the unit is about 1km. A series of test shows that the radio signal strength looks good (>60%).

The bridges are loaded with the same config, except one unit is set to function as root while the other is client.

The next plan is to upgrade the firmware, but this may/may not solve the problem entirely.

Recently, I ran a ping test with packet size of 1518 bytes - both bridges hang!

Did anybody experienced this problem before?



Re: Wireless Bridge - lost connection intermittently

There are several things to try. Check the antennas and the cable connections on both to be sure everything is connected properly. Check the antennas for any cracks or damage to them. Make sure there is not any other devices around that could be causing interference. Try changing the channel on the root bridge to something other that the default channel 6. If you have done all of the above and you are still having issues, then upgrade the firmware. The following URL may help as well.

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