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Wireless Client to Client Communication on a 857W


I hope someone can help.

I have successfully setup a small wireless network for a friend using a Cisco 857W. Everything works fine except that by default, the router appears not to allow communication between authenticated wireless devices.

I have disabled all firewalls on the client PC's and tried to ping between these PC's, but to no avail. I have also searched through various cisco config advisories, but so far I have found nothing.

Can anybody point me in the right direction and tell what configuration option I need to use to allow communication between the wireless devices on this network.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Kindest regards,



Re: Wireless Client to Client Communication on a 857W

Hi David

Probably your router has enabled PSPF (Public Secure Packet Forwarding). PSPF prevents client devices associated to an access point from inadvertently sharing files or communicating with other client devices associated to the access point.

In order to disable PSPF use:

conf t

int dot11radio X/Y

no bridge-group x port-protected

For more info:

Hope this helps

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Re: Wireless Client to Client Communication on a 857W

Hi Jolmo,

Many thanks for the assistance - It's much appreciated!

I have already tried this and got nowhere. However I will try it again the next time I can get access to that router.

If there is anything else you think it may be, I'd much appreciate the assistance.

Once again many thanks for your responce.

Kindest regards,


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