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Wireless clients disconnection issue

Hi Team


We are facing issues with Cisco AP1131 access point where wireless users are disconnected randomly after some time.Time and users are not specfic and can be ocuucred with any user at any time. I am alos providing the details of the setup...


1.) Only using ine SSID

2.) SSID is working in HRAEP mode.

3.) Controller version is and controller model is Cisco 5508.

4.) AP model is AIR-AP1131AG-A-K9 ( This is installed at India)--Country code selected is India only.

5.) Only one access point isthere on site therefore connectivity is not tested with other model and AP.

6.) Only bgn radio is supported and an is not supported as per wireless>AP> interfaces Tab


Attahced is debug logs from one wireless user.


Troubleshooting Done till now

We have moved the access point from the existing controller to othere Cisco 4402 controller version is where country coe configured is USA only. and on this WLC , both radios are showing supported .

Wireless users are also not facing any issue on this WLC where country code is USA and both radios are up.


Therefore my question is , does wireless users face any issue while working on bgn only ? as we can see the radio reset error message on WLC while disconnection happens.

How can we resolve this issue ?





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HI Fisrt of all :AP model is

HI Fisrt of all :

AP model is AIR-AP1131AG-A-K9 ( This is installed at India): This AP can only be used in USA (America domain).

For india you must have a AP with -N- domain.

You are useing Country code on WLC is INdia and AP regulatery domain in USA.It is not recommaned and it will not work.


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Hi Sandeep Thanks for the

Hi Sandeep


Thanks for the help. We know this AP should not be used in India but AP received from cisco as an RMA part.And we have set the country code to India only and facing the issue however when i change it to2 USA then issue got resolved.

we are using the same model AP on other locations as well but facing the issue on one particular site.

My questions when we generally see the radio reset error messages on WLC ? or do wireless clients face any disconnection issue while working on bgn only ?

The reason for asking this question is , when i register this AP with other WLC where US is the country code then both my radios are supported and users are not facing any issue.


So problem ocuurs when i select the country code Inida then only bgn is supported and wireless clients are facing issue.

for workaround we have change dthe country code to USA for time being.

What else we can do further .



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If this was an RMA AP, then I

If this was an RMA AP, then I would send it back. You shouldn't have to do what your doing, plus you need to understand that if you enable multiple country codes, then the WLC will use only the common power and channels for all country codes defined.  Radio reset can be a bad radio or like what you have, wrong country code. 

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