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Wireless conections

My school is moving administrative offices to a location about a quarter mile down the street. I want to be able to utilize my Internet connections at the old building and thought that I might be able to use wireless to get the Internet from the old building to the new building. If this is possible, can anyone help me with what I need (equipment) to do this and the best and most cost effective way to do it?

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Re: Wireless conections

Best way: 2 BR350s 2 parabolic antennas on both ends would serve the purpose. 2 Wireless bridges (BR-350)are a must, but you can experiment with other cheaper antenna. This solution is if the whole office needs a connectivity with better throughput.

Cost efective way: If there are no obstructions between both the sites(i.e. clear line of site), the cost efective solution would be to use a Access point( Ap350, 1100 or 1200) with an antenna plased outsite the old building. For a single user, install a Wireless PCI client card in the decktop. Alternativly, for multiple users, install a 2nd ethernet card in the desktop and install Internet sharing. Site survey would be nessary for palcing the wireless client desktop at a sutiable location.


Re: Wireless conections

You could probably do a 1/4 mile with Yagis or maybe even Omnis if it is a pretty clear path.

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