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wireless conflict


We get the following error on our WiSM controllers.

*dtlArpTask: Sep 01 11:48:00.720: %DTL-1-IP_CONFLICT_DETECTED:

dtl_net.c:4022 Network device with mac addr 90:54:5c:12:30:c1 using

IP address of local interface 'guest'. - Received ARP Request on

interface 29 with vlan ID 165. IP conflict is d

we tried tracing this mac address but it doesnt show up and points to the etherchannel which is internally connecting the WiSM.

the vlan 165 seen is the vlan created on the WiSm module for the ssid 'guest'.

we can't seem to find the cause of this message.

Please help on this.

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Re: wireless conflict

Could be a few things. Maybe someone has a static entry or if you have multiple dhcp servers for the guest scope, make sure they are split dhcp scopes that are not overlapping.

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Re: wireless conflict

Does this MAC address show up under clients in the wlc ? If so try and see what ap it's coming from and trace it down that way.

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