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Wireless Control System Software

I could use some recommendations from the forums here. I have an 8-story apartment building in which the building management wants to install wireless to cover everyone and every floor. They also want to be able to manage all the APs from a centralized location. Obviously, a challenge since this is a new building and I can't do a site curvey yet.

But here's what I'm thinking from a theoretical standpoint. I'd probably want as many 1242AG access points as needed for actual coverage (anywhere from 2-20), since they handle lots of walls, etc. better than most other APs. I'd also want a 4402 WLAN Controller for handling anyone moving around, etc. Finally, I'd need the Wireless Control System software running on a server connected to the WLAN Controller.

First of two questions: does this all make sense to you, or am I over (or under-) thinking this?

Second question: I've found plenty of places where we can purchase licenses for the Wireless Control System software, but where is the software itself? Is it a free download with no licenses? Or does it come with the 4402 or something?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Wireless Control System Software


You maybe don't need WCS - it's an nice extra, but you can just get a 4400-series controller and some APs and still configure security policies etc centrally and have the RF side of things auto-managed.

I'd get a 4400, and I'd get 1000-series APs (1010s if you just want built in antennaes or 1020s if you want to add external ones - 1010s should be find in most scenarios).

I've not used any 1200 series with the controllers yet, but heard reports of problems and the LWAPP firmware for these is pretty new - probably best to stick with the tried and tested ones for now.

Just leave yourself capacity on your 4400 controller for more APs in case you have some poor coverage areas, you can then just chuck up another AP to plug the hole, as it were...


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