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Wireless Coverage for outdoor area

Hi All,

I've been tasked with providing wireless coverage for an outdoor courtyard.  The wireless that bleeds out into the courtyard is minimal for both 2.4 and 5 Ghz bands.  I'm thinking a 3502p mounted just inside the wall hooked to a ANT25137NP-R patch antenna mount on an exterior wall.  I'm far from a wireless expert so any help would be appreciated.  I've attached a picture of the courtyard which also shows the greenspace.  The red line on the wall will represent the antenna mounted on the wall.  This will be providing coverage for phones on 5Ghz and general devices on 2.4.


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Wireless Coverage for outdoor area

Won't work.

The clients can see the signal but the WAP won't be able to hear the return responses from the clients out in the field.

An alternative is to run MESH WAPs and put them in the midst of the field. 

Re: Wireless Coverage for outdoor area

+5 Leo.

What Leo is trying to say is that the antenna power transmission is very high. The phones can hear the signal from the AP but when it try to send to the AP it is transmission is weak to reach.

like this image:

Power Image



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Wireless Coverage for outdoor area

Thanks Amjad.

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Wireless Coverage for outdoor area

Thanks guys,

I knew I would have to control output power to insure I don't introduce return path issues.  I won't be able to add devices within the courtyard, only around the perimiter which makes things more difficult as well.  My other option was 2 external omni antennas next to the 65ft and 129ft markings on the wall. 

I appreciate the feed back.

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Re: Wireless Coverage for outdoor area

Your design should work but I'd like to suggest a better one.  Mesh access points won't work as you are using 5GHz radio for voice and 2.4GHz for data and others.



These are sector antennas with broad horizontal and very narrow vertical pattern.  That means, you should mount them vertically.  Forget about MIMO because geting good RF coverage is more important than having gimmicks like MIMO.  MIMO can be an added benefit only when you have good RF coverage.

If you still want your design, you can still go ahead.  If you want to ensure that it works, you can add another AP at the opposite side slightly off direction each other.  You can set the output power level to 3~4 (25 or 12.5mW) and I am sure you will still get good RSSI.

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