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wireless deployment in warehouse

                   I am doing a predictive survey for a very large mixed environment facility.I have advised this customer that it would be best to have a professional site survey done and he understands but has requested I do a preliminary predictive survey and recommendation.  This will have both open area manufacturing and also warehouse type areas with 18ft racks and cages, The actual ceiling hieght is approx. 30 ft. but the building steel I-Beams are at 18 ft and would be the mounting hieght of the AP's. I already have several installs in other buildings with the exact same structure and setup using 1242 AP's and AIR-ANT2465P-R and AIR-ANT5170P-R patch antennas mounted to a board, pointing down and at 18ft. 

My question is: I would like to use either the 3500E or 3600E AP's with diversity patch antennas (3600E & air-ant2566 for example) but see that Cisco also recommends the 2dbi stubby Omni dipoles in this type environment. I'd just like to get some opinions and thoughts on AP and antennas, thanks.

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wireless deployment in warehouse

I forgot th add that the client base will be primarily IPADS, laptops, smartphpnes and in certain areas a few scan guns (like motorola 9090's) Thx!

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wireless deployment in warehouse

3600E, like the newly-released 2600E, requires a specialized antenna that is incompatible with the rest of the antennas.

Wow, 18 feet mounting height of the antennas will be pretty high.

Depending on the length of the rows of racks, you may want to put at least 2 WAPs per row.  I'm not a Motorola gun user but you may want to TEST out the performance and compatibility of their guns when you disable 802.11b radio altogether and use 802.11a instead.

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Re: wireless deployment in warehouse

I have seen some good results with just 3602i's mounted around 25'+. These AP's, the 3500 and 3600 have more down tilt so you will get coverage underneath them. You should try it, either using a 3602i or 3602e with the dipole and take some readings. I don't think you will ned patch antennas at all.

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