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Wireless Design Question

What is the best practice when allocating Vlans for the APs? Do they all should be within one vlan or can we have multiple VLans. I working on a project where they have 7 floors and the question came up as to if we can have one vlan per floor for the APs. Any insight would be great..Thanks


Re: Wireless Design Question

You can can support multiple vlans on an AP as the wlans configured on the AP are bound to the vlans. Best practice depends upon your environment, AP density,etc.

Keep in mind that you will get some signal bleed thru between the floors

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Re: Wireless Design Question

I had APs sitting on the same VLANs.

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Re: Wireless Design Question

I suggest one vlan for each SSID within a building. The only time I have multiple vlans for the same ssid is when the ap's/users are in another city/building. As somebody already mentioned there will be bleeding of RF between the floors and you can use this to your advantage. The clients app's will not like changing ip's whenever a wifi client roams. There is no reason to complicate things.

I hope this helps.


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