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Wireless Enterprise

Hello experts....

This is my first time assigned to deploy enterprise wireless... most preferrably with synchronized centralized authentication.

To be honest... I haven't a clue since I never used enterprise wireless before... If you guys can point me to products and services, I really apppreciate it!

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Re: Wireless Enterprise

Hi Kevin,

I sent this to a fellow NetPro not too long ago, hopefully most of the links are still up (you never know around here :)

Here some good "getting started" Cisco docs (and link to a video) which might help. This is todays reading assignment :)

Wireless LAN Design Guide

Wireless Site Survey FAQ

Understanding the Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP)

Deploying Cisco 440X Series Wireless LAN Controllers

Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Guide, Release 4.0

WLC Video

Lightweight Access Point FAQ

Lightweight AP (LAP) Registration to a Wireless LAN Controller (WLC)

Here are some excellent overall scope ideas;

Deploying High Capacity Wireless LANs

Cisco Deploys Wireless LAN Technology to Increase Productivity

Design Principles for Voice Over WLAN

Evaluating Interference in Wireless LANs: Recommended Practice

I have attached some good "getting started" type Security docs) and would suggest having a good read of them. You may also want to engage your Cisco partner and Cisco SE to help you plan and implement this most important function of Wireless.

Wireless LAN Security White Paper

Five Steps to Securing Your Wireless LAN and Preventing Wireless Threats

WLAN Security considerations (Part of WLAN SRND Guide)

Wireless LAN Security Solution

Wireless - Compare Products and Solutions

**Don't forget to check out the good books available from Cisco Press (link on this site) Here are two of the better ones;

Wireless Networks First-Step

802.11 Wireless LAN Fundamentals

Hope this helps! And best of luck.


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