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Wireless in Residential Areas

Hi all,

We are trying to extend our wireless network to residential areas about 2.5 kilometers from the base. We presently have aironet 350 bridges and APs in our offices. We use high gain omnidirectional antenna to distribute the signals. However, the residences, 2.5 kilometers away (about 10 of them) are filled with trees. We intend to use Yagi antenna to pick the signals from the base. Our problem is how or what product, if aironet cannot do it, do we need to distribute the signals bearing in mind the fact that the trees will not allow good line-of-sight within the residences. Phone lines are no options for us. All the residences are within a 400 meters radius.


A.I. Chafe

Cisco Employee

Re: Wireless in Residential Areas


You should not plan to use AP's or client devices over a range of greater than one mile (approx 1.6Klm). This will cause problems with late collisions and high error rates. This is a limitation of the 802.11 spec just the same as 10baseT limits the cable to 100M

BR350's do not have this limitation as you can configure the bridge spacing parameter

You should not expect reliable link through dense trees but you can get it to work. Site survey is the key.

Given you said that all houses are with 400 M and they are 2.5klm from the base I would recommend that you use a pair of BR350's for the back haul to do the 2.5Klm link I would mout the antenna on a mast well above the trees and any over obstruction so you have a clear line of sight and no obstructions in the fresnel zone.

I would then use an AP with a higher gain omni antenna to provide access to the houses. Once again you will need a clear line of sight and if this means that you need to use a mast to mount the antenna above any obstructions then that is the best way to go.

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