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Wireless interface going down

I have a 871W with IOS 12.4(4)T7 and every few hours the wireless interface goes down, all of the computers connect to the interface show the connection is still alive yet no traffic is sent or received. The wired computer continue to function properly. To fix the problem the router needs to be rebooted and everything is fine for several hours until the next crash. I have tried changing channels and disabling advanced security settings (thinking that mal formed http headers were causing the interface to shutdown ). At this point I am at a complete loss. Has anyone else had these issues?

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Re: Wireless interface going down

I have a similar issue. My system's can get back on after 10 minutes. The log's show lots of activity for one unknown station trying to authenicate to the access point. I have been trolling looking for answers.


Re: Wireless interface going down

I had a similar problem with a 2600 Router, it turns out that the Interface card was bad. Can you update the firmware for the interface? Also is there another node on the network that may have the same IP address?

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Re: Wireless interface going down

I have not upgraded the IOS, is the newest version 12.4(11)T ? I have checked that all IP's are unique, so I know it is not there.

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