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Wireless LAN design

Dear All,

Can you give opinion how secure is it connect WLC based Wireless LAN to existing LAN and wireless traffic will go through firewall in order to reach server farm, however, it will only go through ACL for Wireless to Wired LAN access. Please share your experience of existing network designs, I have seen in high security environment they make their wireless network completely isolated.


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Wireless LAN design

The Wireless Design generally we follow is -

For employee traffic, you can route it from AP->Local WLC -> Core network and route it as required.

For Guest users traffic - AP-> Foreign WLC -> via mobility tunnel - > Anchor controller in DMZ (Behind the FW)

You have to open the the following Ports on your Network at the required devices given below :

You must enable these ports:

        Enable these UDP ports for LWAPP traffic:

            Data - 12222

            Control - 12223

        Enable these UDP ports for CAPWAP traffic:

            Data - 5247

            Control - 5246

        Enable these UDP ports for Mobility traffic:

            16666 - Secured Mode

            16667 - Unsecured Mode

    Mobility and data messages are usually exchanged through EtherIP packets. IP protocol 97 must be allowed on the firewall to allow EtherIP packets. If you use ESP to encapsulate mobility packets, you have to permit ISAKMP through the firewall when you open UDP port 500. You also have to open the IP protocol 50 to allow the encrypted data to pass through the firewall.

    These ports are optional (depending on your requirements):

        TCP 161 and 162 for SNMP (for the Wireless Control System [WCS])

        UDP 69 for TFTP

        TCP 80 and/or 443 for HTTP or HTTPS for GUI access

        TCP 23 and/or 22 for Telnet or secure shell (SSH) for CLI access

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