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Wireless network in staircases

Hi folks,

I need your advices for my situation.

The company I am working for has had wireless network but no staircases has been covered. All staircases are two type- 6-story and 3 story. I suppose I should put 2 APs on 6-story staircases- one on the top and on on the bottom, and one AP on the top of 3-story staircase. I just wonder what kind of antenna I should use, directional or omnidirectional.

Thanks lot!

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Re: Wireless network in staircases

Hi Stephen,

Of course without doing a Site Survey these recommendations are purely speculative :) The choice of Antenna type would likely be to go with a Directional for this type of coverage.

With the directional antennas, you can divert the RF energy in a particular direction to farther distances. Therefore, you can cover long ranges, but the effective beamwidth decreases. This type of antenna is helpful in near LOS coverage, such as covering hallways, long corridors, isle structures with spaces in between, etc. However, as the angular coverage is less, you cannot cover large areas. This is a disadvantage for general indoor coverage because you would like to cover a wider angular area around the AP.

Antenna arrays should face in the direction where the coverage is desired, which can sometimes make mounting a challenge.

From this excellent doc;

Omni Antenna vs. Directional Antenna

Hope this helps!


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Re: Wireless network in staircases

Thanks so much Rob.

i am reading the document and it's the thing I am looking for.

Re: Wireless network in staircases

Just to add to Rob's excellent advice..

chances are that the stairs are @ 1/4" steel construction with concrete fill. You may need to add even more APs.

Re: Wireless network in staircases

Also best to use diversity antenna rather than single element. My tiny contribution : )

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