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Wireless Outdoor Design

I am designing a wifi network to cover wifi access by laptop. I need to cover 1000 square feet of outdoor concrete. I will have 4 1310 AP's, one at each side. Since there is no power or cable out on the flight line the AP's will be at the edge of the concrete. My question is what would be the best antennae's to use for this? Should I use the integrated antennae or others? The client will be roaming all across the flight line and need to be connecting all the time. Thanks.


Re: Wireless Outdoor Design

My guess (without a site survey, guess is as good as it gets) for a Cisco product would be one of the patch antennas (180 degree hemisphere).

It may be worth your while to look around for a "sector" antenna from a third party. You can find sector antennas ranging from a 180 degree horizon down to ~15-20 degrees or less. You can then tailor the area of coverage pretty specifically.

The drawback is that since it is not a Cisco product, it not not explicitly certified as compliant with your local laws / rules / regulations. It should be spec'd and installed by someone with the resources to guarantee compliance (after a good site survey).

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Re: Wireless Outdoor Design

What is the distance that I can expect to recieve with laptop? There will be laptops moving around on the flight line. I only need about 2megs of bandwidth to run the client application. Again the concrete pad is about 1000 square feet.

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