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Wireless Security Module Functionality with External Antenna Access Points

Can anyone provide information on how useful the Wireless Security Module is when installed into 3702e access points using directional patch antennas?  All the literature extolls the virtues of the module using it's own dedicated radios, but it only seems to relate to internal antenna model access points.

I planned to install several 3702e APs providing external coverage of a building, but with only the antennas mounted outside.  If the module relies on its own internal antennas then this would not only lose the benefit from the additional gain of the external antennas, but would also lose a lot of its normal coverage from the absorption of the RF signal by the exterior wall of the building.

Is there a way around this, or will the customer just need to forego wIPS coverage externally?

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It should work with external

It should work with external Antenna APs as well

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Thanks for the response.  I

Thanks for the response.  I understand that it will fundamentally work, but my query is more geared towards overcoming the limitation of the internal radio in the module when external antennas are being mounted outside the building where they provide a large coverage area and are not hampered by the access point being hidden behind a brick wall.  If the external antennas cannot be utilised by the wIPS module then they will be a waste of money for this part of the deployment.

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