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Wireless security

I have just installed a Linksys WRV54G VPN router and I am trying to set it up securely. At this point when I access it, the Windos message is that it is an unsecured wireless network. I was hoping to have a use be required to supply a user name and password to access the network. Is this possible with this router?


Re: Wireless security

Hi Friend,

yes it is have a look into the User Guide (Page 35).

The Wireless Tab - Wireless Security

The Wireless Security settings configure the security of your wireless network. There are four wireless security

mode options supported by the Router: WPA Pre-Shared Key, WPA RADIUS, RADIUS, and WEP. (WPA stands for Wi-

Fi Protected Access, which is a security standard stronger than WEP encryption. WEP stands for Wired Equivalent

Privacy, while RADIUS stands for Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service.) These four are discussed here.

Select the appropriate security mode for your network. For detailed instructions on configuring wireless security

for the Router, turn to ?Appendix B: Wireless Security.?

WPA Pre-Shared Key. WPA gives you one encryption method, TKIP, with dynamic encryption keys. Select TKIP or

AES from the WPA Algorithm drop-down menu. Enter a WPA Shared Key of 8-32 characters. Then enter the Key

Renewal Timeout period, which instructs the Router how often it should change the encryption keys.

When you have finished making changes to the screen, click the Save Settings button to save the changes, or

click the Cancel Changes button to undo your changes. Help information is shown on the right-hand side of a

screen. For additional information, click More.

There you can setup the Pre-Shared Key. In Windows XP use WPA with Preshared Key.

Hope that helps a bit.


Community Member

Re: Wireless security

As frank has already discussed about wireless scurity. All I like to add here is that security setting on wireless devices are very specific and done according to your need and type of deployment.

To get specific security setup suggestion You need to give detail what kind of network it is ( like office or home ) How many client are going to connect to it ?

Whether those client are going to be fixed client or user can change everyday.

If you are using it for home network then I recomend you to go for WPA-PSK .

To configure WPA-PSK we need to configure linksys router with following.

Under security > encryption should be cipher with TKIP or AES ( you can choose any one of them.

Under WPA configure WPA key.

Similarly on Window Zero config ( ie default window wireless configuration client)

#Under wireless network Add a Profile

1.Define Network name SSID as on your router

2.Under Network authentiaction select WPA-none

3. Again choose data encryption that we have selected on Linksys ie either of AES or TKIP

4. Configure WPA PSK key under Network key .

And we are all set for WPA-PSK.

Note : If face any issue with Linksys configuration then kindly take help from their technical support center.



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