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Wireless Site Survey and Heat Map Generation Tool

Hello all,

           Please advise me a wireless site survey and heat map generation software other than airmagnet. Currently i am using airmagnet and i want to know is there any software better than airmagnet. The problem with airmagnet is that when it generates the report the color intensity is too much and when i take the print out of the floor map i cannot see any floor plan but green color spreaded all over. There is no option to set the transparency in airmagnet. So please help me finding a software that performs better than airmagnet.

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Wireless Site Survey and Heat Map Generation Tool

Why dont you use and try :

Ekahau HeatMapper

Wireless Site Survey and Heat Map Generation Tool

When using AM if you enhance your floor plan (bring the walls forward and make them darker) with a photoshop program you should be fine. Ive used AM for years and know what you are talking about ...

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Re: Wireless Site Survey and Heat Map Generation Tool

I've worked many times with the Ekahau site survey professional and I enjoyed:

3D Network Planning

Analyze and optimize Wi-Fi coverage and performance

Automated, customizable reporting

Auto-Planner: Access point placement suggestion based on capacity andcoverage Requirements

Cisco WCS integration

Prepare and optimize your network for Wi-Fi RTLS

used once the AM and not liked, but also the experience with him was short anddid not read much about it.

the price difference between them I do not know if it's a lot or not ...

tests Ekahau heatmapper to get an idea of the site survey ... but site survey is more complete !!

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