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wireless speed


i use AP350.

it is said in the documentation that rate will decrease from 11M to 1M if distance betwee client and AP will incease.

but when i made the test the speed didn't decresae automatically: it is all the time 11M even if i move far from the AP.


- i use 50mW,

- in the client : speed is auto

- in the AP: i chose optimaze radio network for range.

my question:

does AP350 decrease the speed automatically when distance between AP & client becomes important? if yes is there any parameter's config to do?


Cisco Employee

Re: wireless speed

It depends how far client go away from AP..For 350 and 1200 AP, If client and AP set for 100mw power, you will get 11M for 100-150 feet radius from AP. 150-250 feet For 5.5 M and 250-350 feet for 2 M and so on. All these figures are approximate.

Here is the link which explains what to set to get amount of rate..


You can even lock the rates which you want.

New Member

Re: wireless speed

It also depends on what rates you allow clients to associate to on the AP. The AP Radio Hardware page allows you to set what data rates you will allow clients to associate at - 1, 2, 5.5, & 11. Take a look at

New Member

Re: wireless speed

Check your multicast rates. In the Advanced Settings, 1Mbps and 2Mbps should be set to 'Basic' that means 'send multicasts at this rate'. If you set 11Mbps to 'Basic' instead of 'Yes', the AP will try to Multicast at the higher rate, and upon failing may kill the client connection.

This can actually be used on purpose in certain circumstances.

Matthew Wheeler

Chief Wireless Architect

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