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Wireless VLAN question

I have two SSIDs on my Cisco 1242 APs.

On one of the SSIDs i have clients that will constantly broadcast data (required).

Will the brodcast traffic reach my other SSID? If so, is there a way to avoid it?

Will creating a separate wireless VLAN on my AP and assigning it to that SSID contain broadcast traffic so it does not flood my other SSID?

Thank you.

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Wireless VLAN question

Are both SSID's on the same  Vlan or seperate Vlans?

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Wireless VLAN question

Currently, both SSIDs are on the same VLAN on the AP

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Re: Wireless VLAN question

Broadcast is allowed on the same subnet, so yes, broadcast will affect everyone in that subnet. Creating multiple subnets is what allows you to control the broadcast. Here is a link for autonomous for creating multiple vlan's.

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Wireless VLAN question

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Re: Wireless VLAN question

As VLAN is used o create broadcast domain and so the broadcast will surely reach to every host in the VLAN

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