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Wireless works local but not to internet.

I can use our 1131AG that is connected to a Linksys switch then to a 2811 running CME for the 7921 phone but cannot reach the internet.

Do I need to set up VLANs for this or should it work?

I can ping "outside" from the router but not the AP. I can ping past the router locally from the AP but that is it.

Any help would be appreciated, I'm really stuck here.


Re: Wireless works local but not to internet.

If you're fine with it, would you be able to post your AP configuration? We can take a look and see if there's anything misconfigured.

If you're only running a single SSID, no VLANs are needed. Keep in mind that since these packets are untagged that the receiving switch will place them on its native VLAN. I assume this is a LinkSys managed switch capable of VLANs?

Do your wireless clients get a DHCP address? Can they ping their default gateway (I assume the router)? Does your router have a default route to the Internet that works?

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Re: Wireless works local but not to internet.

We do have 2 SSID's but the GuestNet SSID is the only one (for now) that we need to connect to the internet.

I have connected to the GuestNet SSID and get an IP. I am able to ping the GW and through the router to the routers default GW and to the DNS server but that is it.

The router can ping the internet with no problem.

It is a Linksys SRW224G4P switch that we are using with no VLANs configured yet. We will configure VLANs when we get a Cisco switch.


Re: Wireless works local but not to internet.

Well, a minor configuration problem is that you have two SSIDs on a single radio interface. This can only be done if you have VLANs configured. Remove the one you don't want until you configure VLANs. However, considering you get DHCP and can ping out, I doubt this is causing you any grief.

It sounds like this might be a routing issue. Try performing a "ping [internet address] source [your client's default GW]" on your router's default GW. When you perform a ping on a router, it always pings from the interface that exists on its own default gateway (or best route). The fact that it can ping out doesn't necessarily mean that its own default GW knows how to get back to this wireless subnet.

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Re: Wireless works local but not to internet.

That was it, I needed to configure NAT on the router.

It is now working and I appreciate your help!


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