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WISM-2 License transfer...

Hello, Experts!!!

Can the defective WISM-2's License be transferred to a new WISM-2 appliance?

Can a blank-licensed WISM-2 unit be ordered and install the license from the defective WISM-2?

Cisco link/document, if there's one...




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Yes you can.  Easily too!

Yes you can.  Easily too!


Just e-mail with the details of the defective unit serial number and the replacement unit serial number.  It will also help if you enclose the TAC Case number.  

New Member there a wism-2


is there a wism-2 with 0-AP license?

what is the part number?

can the WS-SVC-WISM2-HA-K9 be used to replace a defective wism-2?

can the license from the def wism-2 be used on HA-wism-2?



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If you have a valid SmartNet,

If you have a valid SmartNet, the WiSM2 will be replaced and they will give you instructions on replacing the license on the new WiSM2.  If you don't have SmartNet and you are just trying to replace the WiSM2 that no longer functions, then you will not be able to transfer the license because the license usually is tied to the SmartNet contract. You can purchase a WiSM2 HA SKU for N+1 or AP SSO functionality so that you don't need to purchase licenses. That might be a better way to go unless you have SmartNet and can get the other unit replaced for free.

As long as the other unit has 50 or more AP license, you can setup that as an HA WLC in an AP SSO design. 


Take ken a look at the WLC HA N+1 Guide and the WLC HA AP SSO Guide. 


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Hello, Scott!Thank you for

Hello, Scott!

Thank you for your reply!

Nope, no Smartnet. just want to replace the wism-2.

to be on the clear...

the license can only be re-hosted via TAC, right? as answered somewhere in this thread.

without Smartnet, the primary wlc won't be serviced by TAC, true?

therefore, without Smartnet, customer's only option is to buy a new wism-2 to, correct?

Thanks, Scott!!!





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Hi,I will say just make a


I will say just make a call to TAC center and ask about them to rehost the license.

They will clarify each and every doubt regarding license issue, i think they will help you without any smarnet contract.give a try.


Here is the contatc list:



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hello, Sandeep!I will give it

hello, Sandeep!

I will give it a try.

And thanks for the link.


Yes Re-hosting of Licenses

Yes Re-hosting of Licenses are possible.

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