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WISM and AP homing


We have just deployed approx 290 AP's and we have three WISM's (A,B,C) with 150 primary to A (secondary is B), 150 primary to B (secondary is A).

Ignoring the fact that there are two controllers per WISM, when we shut WISM A down we get approx 250+ on B and the rest on WISM C.

This number varies but we never manage to get all 290 AP's on WISM B. Its as if WISM B is so busy that numerous AP's give up and try something else.

The interesting thing is we have NOT coded WISM C into any AP configs.

So my questions are:

1. Why haven't all 300 AP's managed to register with WISM B (as coded).

2. If WISM C has been learnt by some other means is this expected behaviour to register to any WISM even if its not in your primary/secondary/tertiary settings.

This is not how I understood it should work from Cisco. I do not want these particular AP's to register to WISM C. On the flipside, I could understand the rationale of wanting an AP to register to any controller if possible rather than be isolated.

Has any one had similar experiences ?

Are there any plans to prioritise which AP's can register to a controller i.e. If I had 310 AP's but only the backup capacity for 300 it would be nice to have a feature to predict which of the 300 register rather than the unpredicatable method of present.



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Re: WISM and AP homing

I have deployed aprox 350 aps, since they are divided up among three different campuses, we never had one with more that 120 aps, recently we added 50 more aps, but one of the controller maxed out at 150, the other controller has failed to respond to the aps even though dhcp option 43 has its ip address configured.

how were you able to have the aps load balance or fail over to the secondary controller.

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Re: WISM and AP homing

this is configured under an AP.

Config AP, select primary,seconday,tertiary controllers.

easier to make templates and then apply to group of APs ( I do them by floor/unit )

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Re: WISM and AP homing


All the AP's failover and go back when the primary is up, they however do not always go to their designated WISM - which is what I would like them to do.

My expectation is if I define 150 AP's should failover to a certain WISM then they should all succeed in that. They don't.

I intend logging a TAC case and I'll post their response.


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