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WISM vs 5508


We need to replace a 3750G with either a WISM or 5508. What are the benefits of the 5508 and is the 5508 worth the premium? we have no plans to use OfficeExtend. Secondly can the wireless controller info be copied from the 3750 to either device?



Re: WISM vs 5508

The 5508 is license-upgradable and can handle 250 APs max.  It does not require a slot in a chassis, and it has 8 gigabit uplinks for redundancy and bandwidth.

If you have a need for less than 250 APs, go with the 5508.

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Re: WISM vs 5508

Thanks - is it possible to copy the config from the 3750 to the 5508?

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Re: WISM vs 5508

   I was able to export config from WISM to a 5508 .... YMMV but "things" seem to be there.

   note that both were at 6.0.182 during export/import.

   HTH, Loc

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Re: WISM vs 5508

WLCs upgrade the AP 5 at a time while the 5508 is 20 (did I get this right)?  The 5508, being newer, is faster and was geared up for the support 802.11n.

There are several factors for choosing either a WiSM or a 5508. 

Do you have WCS with firmware <6.X as the 5508 firmware starts at 
In order to avail of the high bandwidth, it's recommended that you use more than 2 of the uplinks of the 5508 so you need to get 2 or more SFP modules (SX, LH/LX, T supported).

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