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WLAN Controller 4404


I'm having trouble getting some clarification on an issue. I have a WLAN Controller 4404 and I am trying to get it to manage Access Points that are in various buildings/VLANS in my network.

I have all four ports configured as AP-Manager interfaces with IP's in the vlan 920. I have my management interface configured for the 920 vlan as well.

My questions are:

When I advertise the controller w/ option 43 in my DHCP config, do I give it the management IP address? or do I advertise all four of my AP-Manager interface ips?


I need to have AP's in different vlans to serve up DHCP addresses appropriate for those VLANs. I can create a VLAN Group for the AP's and then assign the virtual interface a vlan appropriate IP. My question is: Do I advertise the virtual interface I created for that VLAN as the controller address to those AP's or do I just add the AP to the appropriate VLAN group and let the controller do the magic that makes clients get correct DHCP addresses.

Any help would be appreicated.




Re: WLAN Controller 4404

Hi Tim,

1. Advertise the Management Interface. The AP will contact the Mgmt Interface, and through that, it will then learn about the AP-Manager Addresses, which the AP then contacts one-by-one. Be sure you give out the string properly in your lease!

2. Create the VLAN interfaces on your WLC, then create Group Mappings using the 'AP Groups VLAN' pages (NOTE, if you don't create a mapping for a certain SSID, the default settings will be used). Once your groups / mappings are all set up, add the APs to their groups (have to configure each AP individually), and the WLC will take care of the rest.



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Re: WLAN Controller 4404

Yeah, thanks!

That's how I have been doing it -- the only way that has been working. I appreciate your reply.

I was hoping there was a way around having to touch them individually.

Re: WLAN Controller 4404

If you've got WCS, you can create groups of Access Points, and then you can apply configs to groups at a time, instead of individually touching each AP.

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