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WLAN Controller CDP

CDP is a layer 2 protocol. Therefore, I have to assume that in a layer 3 routed architecture for a WLAN controller that the CDP information is tunneled back to the controller. What would cause the controller to NOT have accurate CDP information about all of its connected APs, assuming CDP is not globally and/or locally shut down?



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Re: WLAN Controller CDP


That is weird, I just ran a show ap cdp nei from the wlc at one of my clients and all 200 Ap's had accurate information. That was the only way for me to figure out where my clients connected the ap's so I can configure the port. It is a layer 3 routed architecture also...

Curious to know if maybe it's the code you are running. I'm running 4.2.130 at this particular client.

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Re: WLAN Controller CDP

fella5 -

Thanks for your response. I, too, am wondering about the code version. I'm running, which I chose for the H-REAP grouping function. I have seen APs come up with inconsistent values (i.e. wrong values) for DCA and dynamic power. But the environment is production, so I'm hesitant to change out code at this point unless I find a hard stop reason to.




Re: WLAN Controller CDP

Not directly related to your problem, but a good reason to upgrade and move away from is a nasty bug I just ran into. Local account that expire are not removed from the controller's database (so they're still in there but not visible in your management interface nor CLI). Once the database fills up to the maximum configured (512 is the default) you can no longer create local accounts.

CSCsm17944 :

WLC does not recognize the expired lifetime of guest user accounts, so

that the local user database is not cleared and can fill up with

non-active entries, preventing any other local net users from being created.

You can check the databse size and fill using the CLI command: Show database summary

Just my 2 cents.


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