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WLAN Design using Cisco 1000 APs and WLC 4402s

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to solicit opinions regarding a wireless network that my company is planning to deploy using Cisco 1000 Access Points and 4402 Wireless LAN Controllers.

Our network includes about 60 remotes sites connected to headquarters via single mode dark fibre. We subnet the class B address range using a 24 bit mask and assign these subnets to the remote sites for hard-wired clients.

We want to offer private and public wireless access at each remote site.

Initially, the plan was to use the same subnetting scheme, /24, for the wireless clients and use for public wirless clients and for private wirless clients. This design would require AP Groups to map 1 SSID on the WLC to multiple VLANS. IT would also allow us to determine, based on IP address, where a wireless client is located.

Now we are considering not subnetting at all and just creating one large network for each of type of client (ie. for public and for private). This is much simpler to implement on the WLC since it does not require AP Groups and reduces the number of VLANs we have to define between the WLC and our core switch.

We expect the final solution to support about 500 private clients and perhaps 200 public clients.

Please explain why you prefer 1 solution over another. If you need more information to make an informed decision, then please let me know.

Thanks, Ian.


Re: WLAN Design using Cisco 1000 APs and WLC 4402s

What model of WLC will you be using for this ?

New Member

Re: WLAN Design using Cisco 1000 APs and WLC 4402s

4402. We currently have 1 and will be buying 2 or 3 more. Sorry if I mis-lead you to believe that we have 4,402 WLCs. Our network is not THAT big! :-)


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